I’m not built for the city. High rise buildings and large amounts of people are not things that comfort me. I’ve recently moved back to London, and I can safely say that the commuter life is not for me either. Being stuck on a sweltering tube carriage packed in like sardines whilst the whole thing hurtles along underground at a million miles an hour does not float my boat. To be quite honest I’m not sure it floats anyone’s boat really…

This blog is about trying to maximise time away from that, attempting to utilise weekends, evenings and my 20 days holiday to maximise mountain time as much as possible, be it skiing, climbing, hiking, or attending events such as film screenings and talks. 

Originally I meant this to be a skiing blog, but I soon realised it was not skiing in itself that I had fallen in love with, but the mountains themselves and the sense of adventure surrounding them. In the winter that is the quiet early mornings and fresh powder after a quick breakfast of a warm croissant and coffee, in the summer, an evening BBQ with friends in the fading sunlight with the dramatic skyline framing the view.

There’s a quote I saw recently which I feel sums up the sense of what I want this to be about, and something which I aim to have as a constant at some point in the future: 

‘There’s something about being surrounded by snowcapped peaks that stirs my soul – making me feel simultaneously small yet totally at peace with my place in the world. Whenever I take a deep breath of that crispy, high altitude, low oxygen air, my anxieties slip away and I’m left with a full heart and a feeling of deep serenity.’

To the adverse of that, London can be an incredibly lonely place to live. Through regularly attending talks and participating in adventures I hope to build up a bit of a community, and give people easy access to these events and experiences which on the surface are quite hard to find. My aim for this venture is to provide a lifestyle blog of sorts, but also give advice where possible, and enabling people living everyday lives in busy cities to make the most of the time they do have to escape to the mountains, and make tracks, whether literally or metaphorically.

I hope you can find something useful and entertaining within it.