The 10 Best Skiing Films You Can Stream on Youtube Right Now (2020)

Watch my pick of the 10 best ski and snowboard films for free on Youtube right here.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic my monthly adventure events roundup for London is looking a little bit useless for the foreseeable future.

Instead I’ve decided to compile a list of films that you can watch now for free on YouTube to keep you dreaming of a world outside of isolation that will hopefully reappear in the next few months… I’m going to start off with some of my favourite (recent) skiing films and move on to other forms of adventure in the following posts.

In the UK you can still get outside, go for a walk and enjoy the local nature around you. When you’re back inside, wherever you are in the world, load up these films and settle down for a few hours of virtual freedom.

1. Shelter

This film focuses on the impact global warming and climate change has on the ski industry. Exploring how this can be altered, five adventurers from across the world return to basics, travelling for two months through the Swiss and French Alps. They minimise their C02 emissions and find ways to stay as neutral as possible whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful summits in the world.

2. Few Words

Telling the life story of legendary skier Candide Thovex in his first feature length film, Few Words follows his career to reach the top of his sport. Winning numerous awards, this is an inspiring and breathtaking showcase of his extreme talent.

3. Lhotse

A North Face film focused on Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison, two American skiers completing the first ski descent of the 8,516 metre Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world.

4. Frozen Mind

Set on the challenging ice-covered slopes of the Mont Blanc Massif in Chamonix, pro snowboarder Victor de Le Rue tests the limits of what is possible on a board. With his friend and mountain guide Pierre Hourticq they ride extreme slopes of more than 45° that have dire consequences if they fail. It is a story of friendship between the two men, the tests the mountain throws at them bonding them together.

5. Zabardast

A travelogue of an expedition into the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan and the search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski in the world at 5,880m. This adventure is so dangerous and high that no mistakes were permitted whatsoever. For five weeks the crew travel across the mountain range, merging freeriding and mountaineering in this jaw clenching epic.

6. This is Home

A film by the Faction Collective, This is Home provides an account of what it means to be a freeskier in the 21st Century. The group return to each of their homes around the world to show old playgrounds, secret spots, and favourite lines, demonstrating how sometimes the real gems can be found close to home.

7. Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip follows a group of skiers worried about the size of their carbon footprint to reach and claim a first ski descent on Greenland’s second highest peak. They bring along a renowned glaciologist, Alun Hubbard, who’s hypothesis, if proven correct, could alter popular projections of global sea-level rise. The entire expedition is put into jeopardy when they discover their end point is beyond the range of all available aircraft…

8. The Fifty – Peak Obsession

Cody Townsend sets out to climb and ski all 50 lines chronicled in the book “The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America.” This film centres on two of the more challenging lines in the book, Meteorite Mountain and Pontoon Peak near Valdez, Alaska. Joined by legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones they set out on a challenging and exhausting adventure.

9. The Collective

Certainly for me skiing is best enjoyed with mates. Always better in the company of others than a solo activity. This film focuses on this tribe mentality and shared purpose, about how skiing brings people together and forms friendships, forming ‘The Collective’.

10. Twenty

The culmination of twenty years of big mountain filming, Twenty raises the question of whether it is all worth it. Across years of documenting the evolution of this sport many of the people in the film have discovered the power and destruction the mountains can wreck upon mankind. The central characters struggle to come to terms with the reality and dangers of freeriding but also highlight the positives, and why so many of them return despite the dangers.

11. Storm Troopers

Sorry… I couldn’t resist adding just one more!

Storm Troopers follows two free riders heading to the depths of Alaska in a no-fly zone. They undertake the journey to the top of the summit on foot, the first time in its history. The challenge shows the impact climate change is having on far flung destinations such as Alaska, and reminds us to behave with humility in order to protect and enjoy the magic of riding in these places.

So there you have it, 11 of my favourite ski and snowboard films on Youtube right now. I hope you can manage a little bit of escapism in these crazy times. Stay tuned for the next edition coming soon.

Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves.

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